T.C. Ministry of Culture and Tourism Conference on EU Cultural Program 2007-2013


In 2005, GAIA34 applied to the call made by EU Cultural Program with the project 'New Family Member / New Family photo' under the title Visual Arts. GAIA34 has transferred its knowledge and experience to the culture and art professionals who plan to produce projects in the trainings. These trainings have been a good guide for both EU Culture 2000 and other grant programs.

The meetings organized in 12 cities (Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Kocaeli, Gaziantep, Erzurum, Samsun, Antalya...) by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism,  have been attracted great interest by the local administrations, universities and cultural-artistic circles of the cities. Extensive information on the production, preparation and application of the projects for Culture 2000 Program is submitted by the Cultural Contact Point officials and Nurten Evrenosoğlu in those meetings.