Living in EU


In the season of 2008-2009, a special section on the topic of EU will take place within the TV program 32.Gün which continues uninterrupted for 23 years. Each section will last between 30-40 seconds, with the aim of giving clear messages about "Living in EU" and informing about the various structural transformations in everyday life that will occur in the case of Turkey's accession.

In 32. Gün, issues related to the agenda of the week will be discussed in terms of EU within the short spots, and the questions wondered by the public will be answered as well as the falsely known matters will be corrected. Accompanied by music, the format of spots will provide an easy and funny way for the given messages to be understood. The 'Living in EU' which will appeal to the average Turkish audience, deals with the EU membership of Turkey in the context of the prospective opportunities and challenges that will arise in their life.

The support for 30 spots is provided by the European Union Delegation as a consequence of the application of Birand Production with the files prepared by GAIA34.

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