European Creativity Forum


Industrial Designer Tamer Nakışçı has been named one of the 100 Young Creative Talents who will shape creative future of Europe…

26-year-old Nakışçı represented Istanbul in the Creativity Forum which was held in Brussels on 20-21 April 2009 with  participation of delegates from 344 cities and regions of Europe. 

After the evaluation made among 267 candidates from 27 countries, although Istanbul is not a member of the committee, Tamer Nakışçı who has been nominated by GAIA34 to represent Istanbul, has been named as one of ‘100 Creative Young Talents’ of Europe. Nakışçı is one of the 22 young talents who will determine creative future of Europe in the area of ‘Science, Research and Innovation’.

‘100 Creative Young Talents’, among them were  television programmers, biotechnologists, composers, architects, pedagogues, chefs and city planners  participated in the debates and networking sessions and presented their achievements in the Forum. They  also had a panel discussion with 'ambassadors' of European Year of Creativity and Innovation, and the EU Commissioner for Education and Culture, Mr Ján Figel'. 

After the Forum, TUSIAD Brussels held a reception for introducing Nakışçı to design, business and parliamentary circles in Brussels.