Education of Poject Implementation and Specification on the road to the EU


The Education of Project Implementation and Specification on the road to the EU has been given to the employees of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) with the collaboration of GAIA34 and the IBB Directorate of Education in December 2008. The education has been completed by applying a method and a content that is directed towards project development to apply to the grant programs of EU, preparation of a proposal convenient to the specifications and developing project implementation skills.

The topics have been transferred by a presentation to the participants in each module. Then the participants have been divided into groups to develop their project idea in accordance with the issues determined in that module. After the group work, one of the group members presented their work and responded the questions and the critiques of the instructor and the other participants.

Groups in this study made the following implementation:

  • Development of an appropriate project idea as a group
  • Project development by Logical Framework Approach
  • Activities Plan and Budget Preparation
  • Preparation of Pre-Application Form for the Project