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İstanbul as a Regional HUB for Design, Fashion and Architecture

Nurten Meriçer from 34solo delivered a presentation titled “İstanbul as a Regional HUB for Design, Fashion and Architecture”  during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven on 28th of November, 2011.

In recent years, DutchDFA has developed various instruments to support Dutch designers in doing business abroad. The Dutch Design Workspace in Shanghai has become well known. A similar WorkSpace will open in Mumbai in fall 2011. In addition, a mediating Design Desk has been launched in Guangzhou, and there are plans for Design Desks in Germany and Turkey. DutchDFA presented these initiatives and activities during Dutch Design Week.

In her presentation Nurten Meriçer shared some key facts and figures for nominating Istanbul as the new regional HUB for Design, Fashion and Architecture.  In year of 2012, İstanbul will be holding its 1st Design Biennale. It is also the 400th Anniversary of Dutch-Turkish Commercial Relationships. In this respect, year 2012 holds a golden opportunity to start up Dutch Design Workspace. A feasibility study for the workspace in İstanbul is currently being conducted by 34solo.