Danone Turkey Training: Developing Personal Expression Using Drama V. II


Trainer: Mahir Günşiray

As the follow up after 2 years from the first one, Danone Turkey Marketing Team participated in this 2-day training and coaching program took place in Ağaoğlu Hotel, Ümraniye, İstanbul.

Based on improvements during the interim phase, Actor and Director Mr. Mahir Günşiray stressed following  areas in this session via lectures, exercises and coaching.

  • Better and more comfortable use of bodies in expressing themselves
  •  Improvising and authenticity
  •  Identifying one’s own style and building on that
  •  Self-confidence and public presence
  •  Managing impact on audience
  •  Formulating messages into presentations
  •  Exchanging messages effectively

Following  classroom training, a month later, every participant received a personal feedback and coaching from Mr. Günşiray on his/her areas of improvement.